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Understanding the recipe is the first step to a tasty dish

website design and development servicesOverwhelmed by all the buzzwords around website design today? Parallax. Responsiveness. Cache. Meta data. Anchor text. Backlink. Bounce rate. Add to that all the acronyms…SEO, SEM, CSS, CMS, DNS, DTD. It’s enough to make your head spin.

It’s a complex ever-changing world online. You have better things to do for your business than try to keep up with it all. That’s what Grits Marketing Group is here to do for you. There are many important decisions to be made when planning your new website: domain name, hosting service and level, CMS platform, navigation structure, call-to-actions, images, color schemes, optimization, mobile friendliness, social media integration, cross-browser function, security, analytics…and the list goes on.

Whether you are starting from scratch or redesigning your existing website, GRITS can help you through the process from front-end design through development and optimization. Our experienced website design and development team has a proven track record for combining visual design and innovative function into a tasty dish. If you’re happy with your current website but don’t have time to keep up with the changes you need made to use it effectively for marketing your business, we can help with that, too! Contact us to see how we can get your website really cookin’.

Breadcrumbs? We keep ‘em stocked in our kitchen.