Grits Marketing Group production partners

Steak and potatoes, chicken and waffles, chocolate and peanut butter, and of course, cheese and grits. Some things just go better together.

Since nothing less than the best is acceptable for us to provide to our clients, we opted for the partnership model of business. We believe every client and even every project can benefit from different skill sets and perspectives as well as expertise. So, when in the best interest of the client, we partner with other experienced marketers who best fit that exact need at that exact time. This allows us flexibility and expanse of knowledge and value, all while keeping costs down with lower overhead.

We work with lots of people and companies and assemble the best team for your project. But you work with us; your relationship is with Grits Marketing Group, and ours is to be the go-between with those partners when they add value to your marketing. Think of it as we are the head chef, and our partners are the sioux chefs, and only the Michelin-star level ones.

We are proud to partner with some of the most experienced, passionate professionals in the business, a few of which are featured here.

Jon Ruhff & Yeosh Bendayan
Owners, Push Button Creative Audio

“We LOOOOVE working with Susan.  It’s so great to have a media partner who thinks strategically that we can trust with our clients.  She gets the job done right, every time.  And no, we definitely don’t say that about everybody.”

Ross Taylor
Owner, Alameda Internet Marketing

“Being in the online marketing field, I’ve seen a ton of so called marketing”gurus” and experts come and go over the last six years. Susan is one of the few people in her field that goes far beyond theory and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty to get results. Her work ethic and breadth of knowledge is second to none.”