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Creativity with even basic recipes can spice up any dish

In a typical agency, media and creative are like oil and water. Media buyers are wined and dined, take three-hour lunches, and get free tickets to all the best shows. And those creatives, they just color all day and get paid for it, right?

Wrong! When you break down the wall between them, you find neither is much without the other. The best creative still needs an outlet to be seen or heard in order to be effective. And the best media plan is bunk with junk creative.

Grits Marketing Group is here to make sure you get the most bang for your marketing buck by creating the perfect blend of both to attract your specific audience most effectively while honoring your brand personality with consistency of look and feel across all mediums. We will help you craft a message and design that is attractive to your target market to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing investment.

No matter what your creative need, from business card design to corporate video production, from local newspaper ads to front-end web design, from digital display ads to jingles and radio spots, we along with our partners have you covered.

Oil or water? The tastiest recipes call for both.