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Susan DeLong owner Grits Marketing GroupWhen you’re a Girl Raised In The South, grits are a part of life, a comfort food, a staple on your dad’s breakfast plate, and never as good at a restaurant as they are at your grandmother’s kitchen table. They give us energy to function at optimal levels, and naturally contain minerals that are vital for growth and development. They also are a great value for the cost and very easy to craft delicious dishes with! Since our goal is to provide those same benefits for our clients, what else would we call ourselves besides Grits Marketing Group?

The new millennium came with a new career path for our president/owner, Susan DeLong. Gone were the days in the broadcast news control room, replaced with cost per points and client meetings. That new career ignited a passion for marketing that has grown with every passing year. With the support of her family, the experience of the previous 16+ years, and the desire for doing things her own way, Susan made the leap into entrepreneurship and launched Grits Marketing Group in 2016.

After years of struggling to find a work-life balance, and watching her clients do the same, Susan took matters into her own hands. We have a simple approach; the mission of Grits Marketing Group is to help grow our clients’ business through strategic, effective marketing while also simplifying their day. When our clients think of working with us, we want them to have the stress-free feeling of breakfast in Grandma’s kitchen. We aren’t saving lives through marketing and advertising, but if at the end of each day, we’ve given our clients more time to focus on running their business or make it to their child’s soccer game because they were able to spend less time managing their marketing plans, we consider that a successful day.

We believe in a work-life balance, and we want to help our clients and partners enjoy the same. Their success is our goal; their stress is our motivation. It’s what drives us to work harder to provide more value in their day-to-day business. We want to be considered an asset on their balance sheet, not an expense.

If this approach sounds like the partner you’ve been looking for, we invite you to explore our services or contact us with questions or to schedule an initial consultation. We appreciate the opportunity to become a partner in your business, and hope that GRITS becomes your go to comfort food.

Billy Bauer
Culligan Water

“Susan has been an absolute pleasure to work with in all of our advertising needs.  Very easy to communicate with and the end result has always captured our customer’s attention.  Could not be more knowledgeable about the community and how to best reach out to your target demographic.  Our company has always been more than satisfied using Susan to represent us.”

Larry Burkins
Burkins Chevrolet

“Susan signifies world class service before, during, and after the sale. I don’t make any marketing decisions without her input. I get one vote and she gets 10.  She will get the job done. Write the check and thank me later. Just c’mon.”

Beth Eng
WCJB – Gainesville, FL

Susan is one of the most efficient and knowledgeable media buyers I have worked with over my 20+ years. She is open to new ideas and evaluates to make the most effective decisions for her clients. Her extensive knowledge of both traditional and non-traditional media has proven to help clients achieve great success!